Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Chockula, it doesn’t matter, whether you are anxiously awaiting the release of ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ or would rather have your teeth drilled by a drunken hobo than see another sparkly vampire, you’ve got to respect the crew that Director Bill Condon has put together to make this movie good.

Here’s the run down on the team that will help make this movie potentially great.

cinematographer: Guillermo Navarro
– ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’

Costume Design: Michael Wilkinson
– 300, Tron: Legacy

Make-up: Jean Black
– The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Various Coen Bros and David Fincher films

Production Design: Richard Sherman
-Gods and Monsters, Kinsey

Visual Effects: John Bruno
– Poltergeist, Avatar

Source: EW