We loved Scott Derrickson’s work on Doctor Strange, so we are always excited to hear about his next project. With that said, we are not quite sure why anyone would think a Labyrinth sequel is a good idea.

The original film is a certifiable classic starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. Sadly, we lost Bowie a few years back to cancer and the idea of returning to the Labyrinth without the Goblin King seems almost heretical. Sure, the idea that Gareth has passed and now the creatures of the Labyrinth are looking for a successor in Jennifer Connelly’s Sarah makes sense, but it just seems wrong. *It is important to note that we just made up that plotline. It could be what they use, but it isn’t from any official source.

According to reports Derrickson will not only direct the project, but he will co-produce with former Doctor Strange collaborator, C. Robert Cargill. Brian and Lisa Henson will also executive produce the film which will be working from a script written by Maggie Levin.

There is currently no word on whether or not Connelly is attached to the film, but without her and Bowie, they may as well just do a reboot… which we also hope does not happen.

Image via TriStar Pictures