We have another week full of interesting zombie news to present! We’ll take a look at a zombie car, some new games, insights about The Walking Dead series, zombie ninja pirates, and even a gameshow about zombies.

Let’s start out with some movie news. Last week, we brought to your attention an interesting new movie that seems to be eluding any exposure. This week, we are able to present the first trailer for “Followed” which may help shed some light on the film’s mystery. We also learned that director, Mark Price, is in the process of filming a new movie. Price is most-known for his recent zombie movie, Colin, which was filmed for under $75. As a side-note, Zombies & Toys is giving away several copies of this movie on DVD!

The Walking Dead was compared to the series Heroes this week with guesses as to why the former is doing so well and the latter was cancelled. We also took a look at why The Walking Dead avoids product placement.

In zombie game news, we reviewed Biofrenzy HD. We also took a look at Zombie Trailer Park, the Zombie Pirate Ninja card game, and saw a PT Cruiser adorned with the loveable zombie from the game Plants vs Zombies. While we’re on the subject of games, an IL library will be hosting a Family Feud type game strictly asking zombie questions. The Zombie Feud was born. …or would that just be “risen”?

Not quite a game, but there is a fun new iPhone app available. Talking Zombo is an interactive zombie you can play with and take out in public without fear of causing panic. As part of this week’s fun, we have an unlock code to give to a lucky YBMW reader! To enter, send an email to ybmw@zombiesandtoys.com

Finally, this week we had the opportunity to speak with artist and photographer, April A. Taylor. April specializes in darker-themed material to photograph. Stop by and view some of April’s art and see what she has to say. Then, make sure to enter our contest this month for a free shirt and signed calendar full of April’s photographs.

That’s all, kiddos! Make sure to swing by next week as we will have an exclusive story to share!