Having already co-starred in Jumanji: The Next Level, Karen Gillan and Awkwafina are now set to share the screen again in a new action-comedy from Michael Doneger and Liz Storm. 6 Underground’s Ian Bryce is producing the film and Jude Weng is directing.

Here is the synopsis via Deadline:

The story takes place a decade after an embarrassing prom prank ran Shelly Wheeler (Awkwafina) out of town and so hardened her heart that she became an ice-cold hit-woman. Revenge threatens to be sweet when she learns her next target is her former high school tormentor, Dianna Park (Gillan). But when Dianna unexpectedly befriends Shelly, the assassin finds herself in with the cool crowd, protecting her old nemesis against another hit crew hired to kill them both. The tone is Mean Girls meets Barry.

Stay tuned.