Warhammer 40k is one of the most successful tabletop games in history. Now, McFarlane Toys is set to give the popular miniatures the action figure treatment. In news that was released via Warhammer Community, we are now getting our first look at and details on the figures that are based on a new cinematic trailer for the game.

The 7″ figures will feature around 22 points of articulation. The first wave will include:

Ultramarines Primaris Assault Intercessor
This figure comes with a heavy bolt pistol and a chainsword, and a figure stand.

Necron Warrior
This figure includes a Gauss Flayer and a Canoptek Scarab.

Unpainted Space Marine Primaris Intercessor
This figure is a tribute to the unpainted miniatures that the game is based on and will allow collectors and artists to customize the figure as they wish.

Expect the figures to hit shelves and online sometime later this year.

Source: Toyark