This is really great, and kind of sad news. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a fantastic actor, but I was equally excited about the rumors that Negan would be played by either John Hamm or Garret Dillahunt.

THR just made the announcement that the Watchmen alum who is currently featured on CBS’ The Good Wife, will take on the role of the infamous baddie from The Walking Dead comic book series.

In the comics, Negan is the leader of the “Saviors”, a gang that exchanges protection for smaller communities of survivors in exchange for food and supplies. Most notably, he is the man who kills Glenn in the comic books by bashing in his skull with a barb wire wrapped baseball bat named Lucille.

We aren’t expected to see Negan on screen until the season six finale, but it doesn’t mean that he’ll be the one to kill Glenn in the show. We all know by now that they like to veer off from the original stories quite often. In fact, there are still many people out there who fully expect Darryl to exit via lucille by the end of the season.

Source: THR