After shambling through another week of work, it is finally time to relax with some zombie news. This week saw the introduction of two more featured artists over at The Undead Bazaar ( As the month comes to an end over the next few days, so does the bazaar. There are still several contests running with a few more yet to be added; Make sure to stop by and enjoy the offerings. As an exclusive to all of you YBMW readers, I present a sneak peak at some of what we will be giving away in July at Zombies & Toys (

We have several sets of zombie shooting range targets courtesy of Zombie Ammo ( Each set will consist of six targets and one grand prize winner will also win their choice of a Zombie Ammo shirt!

Also lined-up for July are several metal signs, bumper stickers, magnets, and license plate frames from Horror Signs. The extension of The Undead Bazaar has put us behind with our contests and we need to make up for lost time. So watch for some unannounced contests throughout the month including Facebook exclusive give-aways. In fact, drop me an email with your name and address to for a chance to win some Zombies & Toys swag and other goodies we have laying around. The winner will be randomly chosen and announced right here in two weeks!

Let us start the news off with an update on AMC’s upcoming television series, The Walking Dead. Would you expect anything less? The Walking Dead is becoming the most highly-anticipated zombie event of the year. The excitement continues to escalate with every morsel of news we are fed. Not that this is without good cause. The only zombie fans who are not excited about this series are the ones who haven’t read the books. And if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? This week brought us two more images thanks to an on-set feature by Ain’t It Cool News. We were treated to a new shot of Rick Grimes and another amazing looking zombie. The zombies are looking fantastic! October can’t get here quickly enough! Also of note is an interview with creator, Robert Kirkman, featured at AMC. Amongst other things, Kirkman had this to say regarding the series:

“Everyone is really trying to do good by the comic, and there are scenes that are straight out of it. I think that fans are just going to be thrilled. But at the same time, [Frank Darabont] is vastly improving the material. And there are things here and there that along the way I should have caught, but didn’t.”

A professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, Daniel W. Drezner, has been exploring what the implications of a zombie uprising on foreign policy and international relations. Drezner, who also rights for Foreign Policy online, has compiled his theories in a new book. Theories of International Politics and Zombies will be released by Princeton University Press this December. He already has several articles featured online and seems to take the subject matter very seriously. See the feature at Zombies & Toys for an excerpt and links.

We conclude this week with some zombie fun from Japan. Schatz Kiste maid cafe in Japan recently had an event called Maid of the Dead: RETURN. The cafe which, I assume, normally features employees dressed as maids had two days where they dressed as zombie maids. As if that wasn’t enough, food served consisted of finger sandwiches and eyeball soup. If you recall, a recently featured product in Japan was Zombie Jerky. Unfortunately, the jerky has not made it stateside yet but we do have some Zombie Blood. That’s right. If you need a four hour energy boost, enjoy the taste of lime, and appreciate cool packaging you can grab yourself a bag of Zombie Blood Energy Drink. Lucky for you, these are available over at The Zombie Toy Store.

Well, that’s all for now fellow fans of the undead. Make sure to stop by Zombies & Toys and get your fill throughout the week and join us on Facebook for some fun. Until next week, make sure to keep your head and aim for theirs.