The public will get a closer look at the new Thundercats cartoon this weekend at WonderCon. We’ll be there at the panel and behind the scenes interviewing some of the talent from the new show, but thanks to inside sources close to the show, we’ve got an exclusive advanced peek!

This new clip shows just how far they have gone to make the new series a completely unique experience compared to the original show. They will be exploring sides of Lion-O’s character that have never been touched on before in the series or in the comics.

This new version might not be for everyone, but you’ve got to give them points on creativity!

Thankfully, the show won’t look anything like that. Stayed tuned over the weekend as we bring you all the updated news from WonderCon including interviews with the cast of Thundercats, ‘The Immortals’, ‘Priest’, Hannah’, ‘Green Lantern: Emerald Knights’ and more!