Infinite likes! It’s finally happening, Leonard Nimoy who played the Vulcan Spock in the “Star Trek” franchise, will voice a role as his character in the upcoming March 29th episode of “The Big Bang Theory”

While the actor won’t actually appear onscreen, as he’s officially retired from acting, he will instead influence Sheldon (Jim Parsons) in a dream sequence.

“For years, we thought it would be fantastic to have Leonard Nimoy appear on the show and we think we’ve found a really different and fun way to make that happen,” executive producer Steve Molaro tells THR.

“As thrilled as we are he’s doing it, we’re even more thrilled just to get our pictures taken with him.”

Sheldon’s obsession with “Star Trek” and Spock has been ongoing from the show. Dedicated fans ought to remember the time Penny gave Sheldon a napkin signed by Niomy and in the more recent 100th episode when Sheldon ordered a lifesize cardboard cut out of Spock, but had mistaken received the Zachary Quinto version which he later returned.

Source: TV Shark