Things could have been much easier over at Jeopardy if they just went ahead and offered the gig to LeVar Burton. Instead, they chose a multi-host approach that featured Mayim Bialik and one of the show’s producers… who had to step down on the first day of filming due to past indiscretions on set. While Bialik is a fine choice who has the bona fides of being both an actress and an actual neuroscientist, the Reading Rainbow host was the fan-favorite from the start. Well, if you still have a LeVar Burton trivia itch that needs scratching, get ready, because he’s getting his own show.

Deadline is reporting that the Star Trek: The Next Generation and Roots star will be hosting a new show based on the classic trivia board game, Trivial Pursuit over at eOne. This is actually the third time that the game has been adapted for the small screen with previous versions appearing on the Family channel from 1993/94 and a syndicated version that ran from 2008/09.

Here’s what Burton had to say about the new gig:

“Trivial Pursuit is one of the best-known brands in the gaming universe. I am thrilled to have partnered with Hasbro and eOne to bring this beloved game to market as a premium show for television,”