When Disney Cast Beyonce as Nala’s voice for the upcoming Lion King Live-Action adaptation, it was pretty well assumed that at least one new film would be added to the soundtrack. After all, you don’t hire someone like Beyonce and then only use her for one duet in ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight.”

Today, Spirit, one of the new songs that were added to the soundtrack was released online. ‘ From the sound of the lyrics, it appears to come from the portion of the story after Nala discovers that Simba is still alive, but before he is convinced to return back to the Pride Lands. It’s not a bad song, but I don’t think it’s going to have the carrying power that the original soundtrack has.

The song wasn’t the only musical news released today in relation to the film. Along with the official Soundtrack, Beyonce will be producing a companion album to the film titled: The Lion King: The Gift. That album will be used as an opportunity to let some of the important African artists of the day shine to a broader audience.