Not too long ago, we announced that Dicaprio’s hope of making a live action adaptation of the Japanese epic, Akira was pretty much toast. Today we get a whole different story thanks to our friends over at Collider.

According to their info, not only is Akira still happening, but they’ve hired an amazing team of writers to adapt the script to live action. The writers are Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, and apparently they’ve almost completed their draft on the movie.

This news warms all of us over her at YBMW down to the cockles or possibly even the sub cockles of our hearts. Why? Well, could you think of a better team to tackle Akira than the guys who brought you the scripts for “Children of Men” and the first script for “Iron Man?”

Here’s the info they were able to find out about the movie.

The film will be set in a post-apocalyptic Manhatten, not neo-Tokyo, and the motorcycle will be part of the movie.

We want to know if they’ll be utilizing the soundtrack. It was like Blue Man Group on Acid.