Several months ago, it was announced that the Fox turned Netflix series Lucifer, based on the characters created by Neil Gaiman would be coming to an end with the upcoming fifth season. Given that the show had already been canceled once and fans were just happy to know they’d be getting an actual ending on the streaming network, this one is a little hard to figure out.

We know that the final season of the show has been in production for months, with members of the cast already having done interviews about the final resolution of the story and the relationship between Lucifer Morningstar and Detective Chloe. Now, TV Line is reporting that Netflix and Warner Bros are discussing the possibility of a season six!

On one side of the argument, this makes sense for Netflix. The show is a much bigger hit as a streamable binge show than it was as a network release. Also, the show has attracted a fairly loyal, if not sometimes rabid fan base. It seems like all sides would love more Lucifer in the pipeline.

On the other hand, what does this mean for the possibly already filmed end of the series? Do they have to go back and change parts of season five to accommodate the existence of season six? Does this mean they are taking a plotline that was well-thought-out and stretching it into more episodes so everyone can make more money? Or, is it possible that Netflix feels like the upcoming 16 episode final season isn’t enough to tell the story properly and they want to see at least one more season to give the show the kind of ending it deserves.

Unfortunately, we won’t know until the deal is done and the episodes hit the air. While no official drop date has been announced for the first half of season five, season four dropped in May of 2019, so there’s a good possibility that we could be seeing new episodes within the next few months.