Harrison Ford is out on the promo trail for his new adaptation of Jack London’s The Call of The Wild, but no one will ever interview Ford without asking him at least one question about either Han Solo or Indiana Jones. In a new interview with CBS Sunday morning, he was asked about what it was like to step back into characters he had previously played and what his concerns were. After admitting that his first concern was trying not to look stupid, he mentioned that he’ll be starting up on Indiana Jones 5 in the next couple of months.

Many outlets are suggesting that means he’ll be filming the movie in a couple of months, which makes sense if they want to hit their July, 9, 2021 release date, but we think he’s just talking about training for the role. If the movie was this close to filming, there would have to have been more casting news by now. But hey, maybe we’re wrong. In the end, we don’t care when it comes out as long as it’s better than Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull.