Lucifer was canceled after the third season on FOX, only to be returned to Netflix for a 4th and 5th season to wrap up the story. At least that was the plan before Netflix execs looked at how strong the streaming numbers were for the series. Now, Netflix has finalized a deal with the show’s star, Tom Ellis, to return for at least one more season according to a new report from Deadline.

From all reports, Lucifer was set to come to a tight little finale at the end of season five, but the addition of a new season changes things. Also changing things is the fact that the show had to shut down production due to COVID-19 with just four days before the end of production for the season. How much of that shut down will effect story changes that have to be made? Do story changes even need to be made or did they leave a door open for a return just in case? We’ll start to find out when the first half of Lucifer’s 5th season hits Netflix this summer (allegedly).