Today it was announced that History’s ‘Knightfall’ was getting renewed for a second season. Along with the renewal, it was also given a new castmember by way of a different order of Knights… The Jedi Knights. Here’s what Eli Lehrer, executive vice president of programming for History, had to say about the renewal and the addition of Hamill to the cast.

“In the face of ever-increasing competition, we’re proud of History’s track record of producing signature drama series that are epic in scope with complex characters. Whether it’s the legendary Knights Templar, the extraordinary tale of medieval Norsemen, or the story of a formerly classified United States Air Force program investigating UFOs during the Cold War, these series reflect our commitment to bringing the defining, big canvas stories of history to life. We look forward to offering our viewers a grittier, darker ‘Knightfall’ in season two and welcoming Mark to the cast.”

Here’s what we know about Hamill’s role so far: He’ll be playing Talus, a battle-hardened Knight Templar and a veteran of the Crusades. At one point, he was held in captivity in the Holy Land, but now he will be training new recruits.

Along with Hamill, the cast will also be gaining Tom Forbes as Prince Louis, and Genevieve Gaunt Princess Isabella. Both characters are the children of King Phillip.