Out of the Edward Norton/Hulk mess earlier this week we finally have some real news regarding who’d play the role of Hulk in Marvel’s upcoming “The Avengers” epic. As reported earlier, Edward Norton will no longer play Bruce Banner/Hulk. Marvel has decided not to sign Norton due to what they are claiming as creative differences (Norton’s agent claims it’s over money). Since the Norton and Marvel break up, there was even a rumor that Joaquin Phoenix was in talks to take over the role. But that has since been debunked.

As of today, Deadline is reporting that Mark Ruffalo (Shutter Island, Kids Are All Right) is currently in “late stage” discussions with Marvel on taking over the role of Bruce/Hulk. Ruffalo is a fine actor who would make a fine replacement. Ruffalo has appeared in several low budget films like “You Can Count On Me” and “In the Cut,” as well as a few romantic comedies, most noticeably “13 Going on 30” and “Just Like Heaven.” The 42-year-old actor is no Norton, but Marvel could do worse… such as casting Joaquin Phoenix.

Source: Deadline