Watch this amazing fan film that tries to right the wrongs committed by Hollywood when they decided it was a good idea to throw Rob Schneider into 2000 AD and cast Sylvester Stallone as the one and only judge, jury and executioner, Judge Dredd.

A team of Dredd fans have decided to pay tribute to the comic works of John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra with a storyline about Judge Minty, a comrade to the ever famous Judge Dredd in this stunningly high production video game like trailer.

Here’s what the team had to say on their official blog at

The film will be based on Judge Minty, a character created by John Wagner and Mick McMahon. An aging Judge who is forced to ‘retire’ from the streets, mainly it seems because he has become too compassionate. He chooses to take ‘The Long Walk’ into the Cursed Earth, there “to take law to the lawless”. The film will be based around his first experiences in the radioactive wastes.
Watch the work-in-progress below