According to The Hollywood Reporter, Boom! Studios Mark Sable’s “Unthinkable” comic book series has been picked up by Mandalay Pictures.

Mandalay’s Peter Guber and Cathy Schulman are set to produce, with Boom’s Ross Richie and Andrew Cosby co-producing as well. “Unthinkable” is the latest Boom! comic book to get optioned for adaptation, with “Tag” and “2 Guns” currently set up at Universal Pictures.

Following the events of September 11th, “Unthinkable” follows novelist Alan Ripley who is recruited into a government think tank to join several other creative minds. Their job? Think of nightmare scenarios and crippling terrorist attacks so the government can safeguard against them. But what happens when the think tank folds, and the attacks start to happen?

Source: MTV Splash