Marvel Studios has made a mint off reviving tier 2 heroes like The Guardians of the Galaxy, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and others on the large and small screens. Now the studio is set to bring Shang-Chi back as a film. Aside from setting up what will probably be one of the most interesting MCU films from a combat perspective, this will also be the first Marvel movie to star an Asian actor in the lead role.

It’s reported that Marvel is looking to recapture the magic they unleashed with their first Black-led hero film, Black Panther. That means that there will be just as much emphasis on finding a director as talented as Ryan Coogler as there will be on finding an actor as talented as Chadwick Boseman.

Interestingly, Shang Chi was first created in the 70’s when Marvel wanted to get the rights to the David Carradine TV series, Kung-Fu. They weren’t able to get them, but they did get the rights to the evil Fu Manchu. They eventually created Shang Chi as the son of Fu Manchu. His father raised and trained him, but turned against Shang Chi when he refused to join him on the dark side.

So, who would you want to direct and star in Shang-Chi?