According to Hero Complex, Marvel Entertainment Studios will not be making their annual spectacular Hall H presentation this year at San Diego Comic-Con. This news comes after an initial report regarding other studios still trying to decide whether or not they were even going to attend SDCC 2011.

The official word is that Marvel Studios will sit out the always anticipated Hollywood previews this year. The decision comes from studio heads who feel as if they are unable to compete and live up to past hype.

This of course does not mean Marvel Entertainment Studios will be absent from the show. Their presences will still be felt on the actual convention showroom floor as well as other promotions that may take place within the convention or its nearby surroundings. Kind like the Acura S.H.I.E.L.D. Badge promo Marvel had earlier this year at WonderCon.

Other noticeable presentation absentees include Warner Bros. with the new Superman reboot “Superman: Man of Steel,” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” We’ve heard from our own sources that Warner Bros. will be at SDCC, but currently have been unable to confirm whether they will make their way to Hall H.

I suppose only time will tell how SDCC shapes up this year after having been amazing the last few years with their extravagant and exciting reveals.