Disney’s most anticipated film “Tron: Legacy” is about a month away from release and naturally we can expect a lot of property whoring up until then. What we may not have expected are these upcoming variant comic book covers of popular superheroes decked out in Tron style gear.

While I am one to criticize pointless tie-ins, I can’t really complain about these totally useless money grabbing covers. Why? Have you not see the gallery below? They’re all freaking amazing!

Created by mark Brooks and Brandon Peterson, the awesome Marvel superhero Tron covers drop next month with select Marvel Comics titles: “Aamazing Spider-Man” #651, “Avengers” #7, “Avengers Academy” #7, “Captain America” #612, “Incredible Hulks” #618, “Invincible Iron Man” #33, “New Avengers” #7, “Secret Avengers” #7, “Thor” #617 and “Wolverine” #4.

I guess being Disney’s bitch does have some cool perks after all.

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