The opening two mini series of Marvel’s Runaways are a tremendous read. If you aren’t familiar with the story, it is essentially about a group of kids/ teens who don’t know that their parents are super villains. Upon finding it out, they… well, they run away. Along the way, they become a team of their own, and they discover their own powers. There’s drama, action, humor, and betrayal. All in all, it was a great set up by Brian K Vaughn (Y The Last Man). As we’ve reported before, the series is getting a live action adaptation over on Hulu and they’ve just announced the cast. Visually, they all seem about right… but I would not be surprised if Tumblr doesn’t raise a fuss because Gert is heavier in the comics.

Breaking down the team, we’ve got:
– The prodigy Alex Wilder: Rhenzy Feliz

– The witch Nico Minoru: Lyrica Okano

– The rainbow alien Karolina Dean: Virginia Gardner

– The Mutant (probably now an Inhuman) Molly Hayes: Allegra Acosta

– The Tech Wiz Chase Stein: Gregg Sulkin

– The one who has a telepathic link with her pet dinsosaur, Gertrude Yorkes: Ariela Barer