Celebrating the milestone in Daredevil’s ongoing saga, Marvel has released a cool Shadowloand music video to promote the release of “Shadowland #1,” which hits comic shops today.

Performed by Guy Erez, David Ari Leon, Zoli Teglas and Raise, the “Take a Stand” soundtrack is played over some upcoming “Shadowland” artwork by Billy Tan and others in a motion comic book kind of way.

Although there’s been talks of a Daredevil big screen reboot, this is as close to a new Daredevil trailer we’ll get this year. So enjoy and be sure to pick up your copy of “Shadowland #1” today!

Shadowland synopsis:
SHADOWLAND is a 5 issue mini-series, with the first issue making its debut on July 8, 2010. It involves characters from DAREDEVIL, as well as Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Elektra, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, Wolverine and various other “street-level” characters.

Written by Andy Diggle, with artwork by Billy Tan, the series, which is billed as “The Battle For the Soul of New York”, ships alongside the main DAREDEVIL title this summer. There will be several one-shots and mini-series based on characters that appear in SHADOWLAND, and all of these titles have been announced (see below).

Matt Murdock is now the leader of the Hand and has created an underground prison called “Shadowland” to house the criminals who stand in his way of cleaning up the streets of Hell’s Kitchen. But his methods are bringing him into conflict with other heroes, and now he finds himself as the “bad guy”. Writer Andy Diggle has promised that the last page of SHADOWLAND will get people talking… and it may just set the events in motion for the battle ahead.

For background, you can read DAREDEVIL #111-119, 500-507, which gives most of the information you need for SHADOWLAND