Deadline is reporting that Marvel Studios is putting the live-action adaption of “Runaways” on hold in order to focus more on “The Avengers” and the newly announced “Iron Man 3.”

According the the report, Marvel feels overwhelmed by the numbers of projects in development. Originally slated to start shooting in Los Angelas next February, it’s uncertain now when “Runaways” will resume production.

Peter Sollett (Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist) who is attached to direct is still on board, but will probably take a hiatus on “Runaways” while beginning another project.

While I’d love to see a “Runaways” movie, I’m pretty content with the number of films Marvel Studios is trying to put out and I’ve always believed in quality over quantity. If having to push back “Runaways” means a better “Avengers” or even a better “Runaways” then by all means. I’m not worried, “Runaways” will happen and when it does it will be great.

I’m not disappointed by this news, are you? Let us know.

Source: Deadline