Here’s your first sneak peak at the entire cast of “X-Men: First Class” in their early X-Men costume. Although low-res, it gives us our first look and everyone looks great except Beast. Who probably should have been more human looking than blue furball.

Directed by Matthew Vaughn, “X-Men: First Class” stars James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne, Jones, Kevin Bacon, Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence, Caleb Landry Jones, Lucas Till, Edi Gathegi, Jason Flemyng, Oliver Platt, Morgan Lily, Zoe Kravitz, and Bill Bilner.

The film is set to be released June 3rd, 2011.

From left to right: Michael Fassbender as Magneto, Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert, January Jones as Emma Frost, Jason Flemyng as Azazel, Nicholas Hoult as Beast, Lucas Till as Havok, Zoe Kravitz as Angel, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique and James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier.

Source: MSN