We’ve been talking about The Happytime Murders for at least three years now, and we were pretty much ready to give up hope on whether the movie would actually get made. After all, the idea of a noir style, r-rated dark comedy/ murder mystery starring Henson Studio Puppets isn’t exactly an easy sell to studio execs. It turns out that all it needed behind it was a beg enough name, and that name is Melissa McCarthy.

Along with starring in the film, McCarthy will produce it with her husband, Ben Falcone.

The comedy is set in the Los Angeles underbelly where puppets and humans coexist. Two clashing detectives, one human and one puppet, are forced to work together when the former cast of a classic puppet show called The Happytime Gang starts getting murdered one by one.

In a statement about the role, Melissa had this to say:
“When a really good script combines puppet strippers, Los Angeles’ underbelly and comedy, it’s like my fever dream has finally come true.”

After just talking about the film since 2008, things are about to speed up with the film set to start production this August.

Source: Collider