It seems like we’ve heard this before. It wasn’t just a movie or two ago that Michael Bay said he was done directing the Transformers films, but then he came back for Age of Extinction and the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight. Now, Bay is once again crying uncle and swearing that he’s directed his last film for the franchise. Here’s what he just told Fandango:

“These movies that I’ve done, they are massive movies. They take a lot out of you,” Bay said when we asked if he was finally — for real, this time — stepping away from the Transformers franchise. “I’ve done it enough, and I’ve had a great time doing it. I’m going out with a bang on this one, and I feel like you gotta go out while you’re ahead, you know. I think I’ve had a good run, and I’ve got a lot of other movies I want to do.”

So, if he’s done playing around on Cybertron, what will the ‘Bad Boys’ director tackle next? It sounds like it’s going to be a hitman movie (not to be confused with a movie based off the video game, Hitman).

“I just read a very bloody hit man movie that was a page turner. That seems like a fun one to do. I love doing 13 Hours, I love doing Pain & Gain — I think it’ll be something more serious and more adult, I guess.”

Source: Fandango