When you think of Michael Jackson and the movies, the only ones that come to mind are The Wiz and Captain EO. What a lot of people don’t know is that he had a “very special” role in a really bad B-Movie back in 2005 called “Miss Castaway and the Island Girls.”

The film, which had a short life on the shelves of Blockbuster Video was pulled when Jackson was accused of Molestation.

Its no surprise that with his death, even a cinematic abomination like this is getting attention again. Check out these vids and let’s see what you think.

While traveling with a team of misses for the dispute of the Miss Galaxy, the airplane piloted by Maximus Powers and Mike Saunders crashes in an isolated, where lays Noah’s Ark protected by the Jurassic Pork. While the group fight to survive, alien apes plot to use the ark to destroy the human race and dominate planet Earth.