It looks like the previous details that we got about the Munsters reboot on NBC were a lot worse than the official word. I’m still not sure why we need the show… especially when they are saying it will feel like “Parenthood” with an Anne Rice Spin (Something I’m not really sure Anne Rice or the creators of Parenthood would be happy to hear).

At least Herman will still be a Frankenstein’s Monster.

Here are the details and character descriptions from C/O moviehole.


It’s a scout camp, and the scout master has just rounded up the scouts in an effort to find out who has eaten all the boxes of food. While the token fat kid is being eyeballed, a ravaging wolf is about to crash the party… next morning, a young boy wakes up naked in the woods.

After the credits…

Marilyn (the human among the Munster family) is introduced. The adopted stunner of the Munster family is negotiating to buy up a decrepit old mansion in Mockingbird Heights from an estate agent. As the blonde beauty and the all-too-honest agent (she attempts to talk Marilyn out of burning the house; the previous owner was a serial killer was poisoned hobos and it’s rumoured dead bodies may still be in the walls) talk, a construction crew, seemingly there to knock the place down, impatiently look on. But the deal is done and the wrecking ball backs off.

Appropriately, the Munsters arrive via crate to their new address. And they spend the first hour getting to know the locals (Grandpa licking his lips as he’s taken from house to house), hunting down a replacement ‘heart’ for the ailing Herman and largely, helping Eddie realize that he’s not a monster.

The Character Profile for Herman Munster

Grandpa will still be responsible for building Herman for his daughter Lily. Herman will be a supportive and compassionate father, and this version will have him as good-looking man and less like the monster in the original television show. He’ll of course have scars from having other men’s body parts that were pieced together to create him. His big spoiler is that his heart runs on a steampunk engine and is starting to breakdown.

The Character Profile for Eddie Munster

The pre-teen is about to have his world turned upside down when he discovers that he isn in fact a werewolf. He has an episode at camp attacking his friends and the family is forced to movie the family. Once there the family must convince Eddie that he isn’t a monster. Eddie’s way of dealing with the horrific news is by becoming a vegetarian.

The Character Profile for Grandpa Munster

Grandpa will have more of an edge. He will be a vampire in the show, but also have transformational powers as you see his body reformed from a large amount of rats. He will come across as a scary individual that used to feed on animals, but is now planning to go back to consuming humans.

The Character Profile for Lily Munster

A beautiful and sweet mother who also has powers of her own as you’ll see her have dogs clean up their own cages at her new job at the pet store. She’ll also be seen transforming her body from a large amount of spiders.

The twist for her character is that the current heart that is failing in Herman belonged to Eddie’s biological father. This in turn makes her reluctant to have Herman find a replacement heart.

The Character Profile for Marilyn Munster

She will be the smoke show for the program, the hotty if you will. She will be sweet, young and as previously stated, very appealing. She will be okay with Grandpa’s blood lust and view it as a curse and not something he chose for himself. While she will also be incredibly helpful for Eddie as he deals with his new found issues.

Source: Moviehole