We’ve heard all kinds of stories about real life superheroes and how they spring to action to save the day from muggers, rapists and other villains, but how do you think they’d react to a run in with a drug dealing Hulk?

Here’s the thing I can’t quite put my finger on about this story. Who is more messed up – The guy dressed as the hulk and selling drugs, or the guy who thought it was a good idea to buy drugs by someone dressed as the Incredible Hulk?

A man is behind bars after being caught selling drugs outside a Coventry nightclub dressed as The Incredible Hulk. A court heard Scott Anderson – who had painted his face green and was in fancy dress – could not have stood out more. Anderson, of Hewitt Avenue, Radford, Coventry was drunk and trying to sell cocaine he did not want outside the Skydome in the city centre. Police were alerted by his costume which was based on the TV and film character who becomes green and superhuman when angry. At Coventry Crown Court he was jailed for supplying cocaine and possessing cannabis.

The 32-year-old sold cocaine, a class A drug, to a fellow clubber in April not knowing his bright costume had caught the eye of watching police. Even Anderson’s defence admitted to the court “he couldn’t have stood out more”. Christopher O’Gorman, prosecuting, outlined the events which led the defendant to be caught by two police officers outside the Skydome on April 23 at about 3am. He said: “At around about that time they saw the defendant, dressed conspicuously as The Incredible Hulk, hand something to someone who handed money to the defendant.” Mr O’Gorman explained how the officers approached the man Anderson had been seen with and found him with a small amount of cocaine.

Source: Nerdcore