Ms. Marvel drops on Disney+ next Wednesday and we just got a new teaser and a bunch of stills to help get everyone excited. Initial reactions are out for the show after some critics were allowed to screen the first two episodes. Reviews range from being a revelation to being a poorly-thought-out Disney channel show. We expect that it will be somewhere in the middle.

In the new teaser, we get a little more of a look at Kamala Khan’s (Iman Vellani) powers which now come from bands she wears on her wrist and not from latent Inhuman genes activated by terrigen mists. She still has her growing hands, but they are now more of a light energy construct than her comic book powers of “embiggening” herself. It actually might be for the best, as it could be a little goofy if she yelled “EMBIGGEN!” every time she wanted to hit a bad guy in the new show.