While you went out spending thousands of dollars on musical instruments, Diego Stocco went out to his backyard grabbed some sandbags and spent none for his. How is that possible you say? Who is Diego Stocco, this musical genius? I dunno… but this is what he had to say:

“I had some sandbags in the backyard that I used in November during a rainy day. I was moving them to a different spot when I heard the noise of the sand. I thought that maybe I could try a new sound design technique so I bought some piezo film transducers and started to experiment with them.

The entire track is created only out of tuned sand tones. No additional sounds or waveforms.
I emphasized the inner notes of the sand grains and mapped them on a sampler as a series of instruments. The grooves are all played live with various techniques, including taping two piezo films to my fingers.”