Although “Doctor Who” doesn’t returns to BBC and BBC America until this Saturday, August 27, fans are already clamoring for new episodes. As a result, BBC announced today that they have greenlit a mini-episode of “Doctor Who” to air later this fall on BBC Three.

The special will star Matt Smith and is titillatingly titled “Death Is the Only Answer.”

The episode will only be three minutes long however, and the catch? According to the network it will be written by “children from a school in Basingstoke after they entered a BBC Learning and Doctor Who Confidential competition earlier this year.”

The episode will air October 1, the same day as the sixth-season finale.

From the press release we know that the mini-episode will involve one of four monsters from the show — Ood, Cyberman, Judoon or Weeping Angel. It also includes a brand-new human character to battle the good Doctor.

Furthermore, BBC teases that the special will further involve a well-known historical figure and also a fez.

Source: thewrap