It turns out that George Lucas wants to take the last little bits of stuff that made his new Star Wars Trilogy and whizz all over it with CGI. One of the biggest complaints about the new trilogy (other than the story and the acting) was the crime against humanity that George Lucas committed with Yoda in the name of technological progress.

One of the few saving graces for fans was that he had at least kept Yoda as a puppet in The Phantom Menace. It has now been confirmed that he will be changing that when the Blu-Ray of the series comes out.

Below you will see how Yoda looked in the theaters and how he will look on your TV. is it just me or does the puppet version actually look more life-like and expressive than the stiff, botoxed CGI version?

Here’s how Yoda originally looked in the theatrical release of ‘The Phantom Menace’:

Now, here’s how he is going to look in the Blu-Ray version:

Source: CBM

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