Following the tremendous success of AMC’s “Mad Men” NBC wants to jump on that bandwagon with their own 60s period drama. But instead of a show set in an advertisement firm, it’d be set at the notorious Playboy clubs.

Originally titled “Bunny Tales,” the now tentatively titled “Playboy” would “center on a group of women working as Playboy bunnies in the New York club,” according to Variety. “That setting will be a prism for exploring the nation’s changing mores and the coming sexual revolution.”

The original Playboy clubs had more than a million members who paid a fee to become “keyholders” and were famous for women dressed in bunny outfits. The last of the original twenty two locations around the world closed in Lansing, Michigan in 1988 with a newest location to have opened at The Palms hotel in Las Vegas.

“Tru Calling’s” Chad Hodge will write and executive produce. No word whether the show will stay true to the Playboy way or be heavily censored. This is one show that has absolutely potential and one you’d probably want to see on cable rather than NBC on a Tuesday night with the family. More on “Playboy” as it develops.

Source: Variety