Everyone is excited to see how NBC’s season cliff hanger love square turns out when it returns to TV this week, but it turns out that the real action this season might be heating up as the weather starts to get a little colder. It turns out that this year’s “very special holiday episode” will actually be very special! It will be done in the stop motion style that we all grew up with from specials like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

“…. Stoked, he and writer/cast member Dino Stamatopoulos, who plays Starburns, got right to work. “Holidays are a big deal at Greendale. We like to go all out,” he teases, adding that the college “is really just some weird Shakespearean purgatory, like some magical forest where anything can happen if you just lift up the right rock.”

So what do we know about the instaclassic? “I can confirm that we are not yellow [like The Simpsons], and we do not have a talking dog [a la Family Guy] in the episode,” Joel McHale (Jeff) reveals. “But all your favorite Greendalians will be going animated.”

Oh, and one more thing… “If there is anything that can top the paintball episode, it might be the Halloween episode or the Christmas episode,” he suggests.

Source: EW