About a month ago, Neil Blomkamp was musing on his social media accounts that he’d always wanted to do an Alien film. He even went as far as to discuss some plot points and show off the concept art that he had done up for it. The internet went wild, and the studios took notice.

The District 9 and Chappie director came out today to announce that his next film will be an official part of the Alien franchise. When asked about it, Blomkamp was more than happy to tell reporters that he really did want to make the film.

Fox is currently working with Ridley Scott on the sequel to Prometheus 2, but Variety is now confirming that Blomkamp is officially signed on for a film in the universe. Other reports have Ridley Scott signed on to produce. They are also saying that the film will take place after the events of Prometheus 2.

Now the question is… what is the movie? Is it what we saw in his concept art? Will Weaver and Michael Biehn be a part of it? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.