If you’ve never seen The DC animated series Young Justice, you are missing out and you should start binging it on Netflix this instant. It’s one of the best animated super hero series ever made. Sadly, it was cancelled after just two seasons.

According to voice actor Khary Payton (Aqualad, Cyborg), Netflix is reviewing the streaming numbers on the series and looking to see if it’s worth it to them to order a third season!

The cancellation of the series was one of the biggest tragedies in the world of comic book hero animation. If Adi Shankar is reading this, I’d like to think that he just took a small break from Gods and Secrets to do a little happy dance.

To help spur on the network, Payton is asking fans to get the hashtag #renewyoungjustice going as hard and as loud as you can.

Here’s a great little video that DC put out last year highlighting the top 10 episodes of the series.

Source: Geektyrant