After the first season of Gotham, I’m still not entirely sure what I think. There’s a lot that I like in the show, but the direction of some of the characters… like making Barbara Gordon into a Psychopath, leaves me a little less satisfied. That said, I’m really happy that we don’t have to deal with Jada Pinkett’s character anymore. She was just a horrible Eartha Kitt rip off.

Anyways, as you may remember last season we got our first glimpse of the Joker, Jerome, a circus kid who killed his parents. Now, the new seasons sees him locked up in Arkham with none other than Barbara Gordon. This clip appears to be one of their first meetings, but what we get here is sort of a Joker light. As it currently stands, Gordon is way tougher than she is. I’m not sure how well that is going to fly with fans.