If anyone didn’t play Batman: Arkham Asylum then you’re: A) Missing out on a truly great game B) Should go buy it cause it’s cheap and highly worth it and C) A total loser that needs to rethink his/her priorities!

Now that that’s out of the way it seems that over 10 minutes of Batman: Arkham City gameplay footage has been released and HOTDOG if it doesn’t look awesome! It opens up with a scene that involves Catwoman who’s a playable character and looks fun as hell to play. This leads to an amazing shot of Batman overlooking the city and just like the last game this fucking thing looks beautiful. Batman’s given the task of finding and saving Catwoman from Two-Face and he’s off busting heads and searching for clues. The fighting in this looks just as brutal as the first game with a few added moves. A certain TV reporter (Bat-nerds will know who he is) shows up and gives Batman some intel. This game looks like it is easily going to be as good as the first if not better. It’s truly one of the few games I’ve been wetting myself about ever since they announced it.

Check out the footage below: