Yesterday we showed you the trailer, now check out some great new character images from the film that pits guardians of children’s dreams against the Boogeyman!

While we are most excited about Guillermo Del Toro’s involvement in the film, it is actually based off a children’s book by the co-director of the film, William Joyce.

Recently, Joyce sat down with EW to talk about the movie and the characters. Here’s a bit of what he had to say.

On his original idea for the story twenty years ago:

“It was like, ‘Yay, I can tell my kids about these characters!’ Then I realized: I don’t know much. The mythologies presented to me were very very vague. Some of them seemed to be fading away a bit, like the Sandman, whose story seemed to be missing… I thought, ‘This is what I do!’ I’m going to get into this and roll up my sleeves and discover a mythology.”

On giving the film a more serious edge:

“When I first came on, I think right off the bat, my instinct — along with everyone else’s — was not to do this as any parody or spoof. These are beings who are real to a majority of the audience, or were at one point or another. We thought, ‘Let’s take belief seriously.’”

On his take on Santa Clause vs The Easter Bunny:
“In my mind, he was always bigger than life, and had an element of James Bond to him. He can do amazing stuff, and he has all sorts of cool gadgets. There’s no way you can be Santa and not have extraordinary technology at your disposal.”

“[The Easter Bunny] has a little more of a Spock thing going on. If Santa is Kirk, then Bunny is a little Spock. ‘Don’t just tear in there and start sword-fighting. Let’s think this through a little bit.’”

Source: collider