Despite his best efforts, Ben Affleck did not kill Daredevil. He’s back and it looks like he’ll have a heavyweight director and a Frank Miller story to back him up this time around. David Slade, the man behind the camera on movies like ’30 Days of Night’, ‘Hard Candy’, and ‘Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ is going to be taking the directors chair for Daredevil’s next movie. It won’t be a sequel or a reboot, just a new Daredevil story with a new cast and hopefully a lot less suck.

THR actually added a little more meat to the story by saying that they knew what the plot was going to be:

‘Sources say the new story line will be the adaptation of the critically acclaimed Frank Miller-written and David Mazzucchelli-illustrated Born Again run of the comic series, which saw the Kingpin of Crime learn the identity of the superhero and begin to systematically destroy his life.’

On the surface, this sounds like it could be cool, but as it was just pointed out to me, Matt Murdock spends almost that entire storyline out of his costume. If we had our choice of a story arc to use, it would either be the Kevin Smith ‘Redemption’ Arc or the recent arc from Bendis where he takes control of Hell’s Kitchen at the end.

Source: Deadline