Forget your dreams of a purple suited Hawkeye for The Avengers movie. It looks like things are ultimately going in a different direction. That’s right, the word from Cinema Con in Las Vegas is that the first view of Hawkeye’s costume is going to much more closely resemble his outfit from Marvel’s Ultimates. Part of me is bummed out. I mean… when you think of Hawkeye, you definitely think of him in the purple cowl. That said, for practicality purposes… and the fact that a lot of comic book costumes look ridiculous in real life, I am willing to settle for Ultimate Hawkeye.

“Basically, Hawkeye’s costume is going to be very similar to the Ultimates version of the character. In the concept art, we see Renner wearing similar dark glasses and a leather outfit with a matching over-the-shoulder leather quill for his arrows, only the movie version of Hawkeye has the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo emblazoned on it to show his government allegiances. His precision bow is much like the one used by archers who do it for sports and hunting, which again, is also much like the Ultimates Hawkeye.”

Source: Superherohype