Of all the places for us to get hold of a new image for this site, I’d never have guessed that we’d find something in Elle Magazine. Well, we didn’t. I09 did, then Collider reported on it, and now we’ve got it for you.

This is really the only image we’ve gotten from the upcoming film other than the initial poster. It shows Jem on stage, and it looks really good.

On a sidenote, it looks like Jem and the Holograms will be heading over to IDW next month for a new comic book series, and the big story there is that Kimber and Stormer are a couple.

Here’s what Kelly Thompson told the AdvocateSpotlight:

“We are definitely having LGBTA+ characters. Jem was always really diverse, but it was of course a bit limited by the time period and by being a children’s cartoon. It’s only natural that a modern Jem includes additional diversity. Kimber and Stormer are indeed both out gay characters in the comic and as Tumblr will very excitedly let you know, we’re going to be exploring a romantic relationship between the two characters. We have some other plans for LGBTA+ characters as well but it’s still early days and we’re still figuring out how some things can fit together to tell the best possible story.”

Source: Collider