I’m honestly excited for this film! I’ve been a huge Muppet fan since I was little and have pretty incredible memories of my family all crushed into our couch watching “The Muppet Show.”

Disney has recently released the new international poster for the new Muppet movie and it’s way better than the US poster. That’s not to say it’s a great poster, I mean at first glance I thought Kermit got mega fat or was standing in a jar made out of a puppet frog. But, if you compare this to the ultra creepy Muppets with legs poster we got here in the Americas then this thing is a work of art. I want to give ashout out to Rowlf my favorite Muppet ever!

After checking out the poster here’s a great Rowlf scene from ‘The Muppets Movie.’ While I am one cold hearted evil pile of super villainy this just makes me smile!

Source: digitalspy