Hollywood isn’t done with reboots. In fact, this is the first of two stories we’ve got for you on them today. This first story is about the Nicholas Cage, John Travolta film, Face-Off. The over-the-top, kinda scifi action film features Cage in all his glory as a psychotic madman who has his face swapped with his nemesis. The new reboot of the film being set up by  Fast and Furious franchise producer Neal Moritz with original  Face/Off producer David Permut executive producer.

This is one of those movies that you could probably reboot without too many people getting pissed about it, but it’s hard to imagine anyone filling any role that’s been previously filled by Nicholas Cage. For that reason, we sincerely hope that they just go ahead and cast him in the reboot as the same character. It doesn’t have to be a sequel or even have any connection to the original film. Just give us more of Nick Cage being Nick Cage in one of the most Nick Cagiest films ever made.

Check out the trailer for the original below: