Adventure Time was one of the most engaging and weird animated series to hit TV in the last few decades. The idea that creator Pendleton Ward would then move on to a cartoon for adults is as interesting as it is potentially frightening. Some of what Ward got away with in Adventure Time could definitely be considered as grown-up material. Who knows what he could do when he has the freedom of a whole new series on Netflix without any censors. As you can see from the trailer for The Midnight Gospel, we are getting a show that might be a perfect simulation of what Ward and his partner, Comedian Duncan Trussell, see when they drop acid.

Traversing trippy worlds inside his multiverse simulator, a space-caster explores existential questions about life, death and everything in between. The Midnight Gospel, created by Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time) and Duncan Trussell (Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast), debuts on Netflix April 20