The latest movies to fall victim to Covid-19 are Disney’s upcoming releases for the Live-Action adaptation of Mulan, and the long-delayed final FOX/ Mutant film, New Mutants.

Expectations for New Mutants as a box office success isn’t that high, so it could be reasonable for the studio to port it over to Disney+ or even Hulu (with the latter being more likely due to the Disney+ aversion to LGBTQ storylines). However, Mulan is one of the most expensive live-action films from the studio in recent years. A Disney+ release is not going to cut it here. It needs a theater release or Disney is going to end up eating a massive loss on the project. Given that every Disney Theme Park in the world is now closed or scheduled to be closed by the end of the week, we just don’t seem them being willing to take another hit like that right now.

While it is a bummer to hear that both of these films are now being delayed indefinitely, it raises a much bigger fear for fans of the MCU. As it currently stands, Black Widow is set to come out on May 1st. How long before it gets pulled as well?