There’s a lot of bad news today. The Markets suck. Most of the conventions we are looking forward to have been canceled, and it’s impossible to find a roll of toilet paper in most stores. So, let’s take a minute for something that’s just a lot of fun.

Etsy artist, Rainbow Yawn Toys has just unveiled (or maybe we’ve just now seen it) an awsome mash-up between the iconic master of the ‘happy accident’, Bob Ross, and Moss Man from the classic He-Man, Masters Of The Universe Mattel toy line.

If you’re interested in picking one of these guys up, you can grab it on Etsy for just $172.96. In the meantime, check out the images, description, and even a making-of video below.

Bob-Moss: The Master of the Universe!
Handmade Limited Edition Art Toy, only 8 made.

Heroic painter & master of camouflage, Bob Moss is at one with nature. Get in his way though and he’ll beat the devil out of you!

Figure’s arms and head move and he twists at the waist! He comes with his own paintbrush, easel and mini “Eternia” canvas painting.

Cast in semi-flexible polyurethane resin then painted, clear coated and flocked all by hand.

The miniature painting was painted on a tiny stretched cotton canvas using premium acrylic spray paints and coated using a gloss varnish.

Figure card back is printed on premium glossy photo paper and mounted onto 2mm thick board.
The blister bubble is also made in house.
Signed & numbered by the artist on the reverse.

Due to the handmade nature of these figures, the paintwork may vary slightly to the one pictured, however, they all look almost identical.
We don’t make mistakes here, we just have happy little accidents!

You will receive one of the 9 mini canvases shown in the last photo chosen at random.

These figures have been carefully tested and are designed to be able to be handled, however excessive flexing of the plastic or removal of limbs may damage the paintwork.

These figures are designed to be displayed as an adult collector’s item and are not intended for heavy play sessions. Not suitable for children.
Definitely not a toy. Don’t let anyone ever tell you it’s a toy.